• Copywriting

    Copywriting services include (but are not limited to):

    +Blog Posts
    +Press Releases
    +Website Copy
    +Email Templates
    +Marketing Email Series
    +Case Studies
    +LinkedIn Bios

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Take a look at our social media offerings: Monthly Social Media Pricing Guide

    All package offerings include:

    +Monthly Content Calendar
    +Weekly & Monthly Reporting
    +Weekly Scheduling
    +31 Posts per Month per Platform
    +Daily Maintenance/Engagement, & Following (Mon-Fri)

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  • Lead Creation

    This is a service I don’t see many social media marketers offering and one I am excited about. It is more direct sales oriented. I would reach out to social accounts that appear interested and/or open to working with and/or purchasing from your business. The message would be friendly and professional, and the goal would be to make an introduction to you and have you take it from there.

    I have done this with my personal Twitter for sources and was surprised to reach and hear back from people that would be harder to reach via email.

    This can be a social media add-on or by itself.

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